Credit Card Readers

At Local Zone Solutions, we understand the significance of launching your business effectively. That’s why we’ve meticulously created a list of top-notch third-party suppliers offering credit card readers to assist you in confidently launching your venture.

Moreover, we encourage you to conduct your own research to customize your selection according to your budget and specific preferences.

On this page, we’re excited to show our list of third-party suppliers offering versatile credit card readers. Whether you require compact readers for on-the-go transactions, countertop models for stationary setups, or all-in-one solutions for seamless integration, our suppliers have you covered.

  1. The L7 Case creates a safe roaming sales terminal for iPad Mini model 4/5.
  2. Made from strong TPU and stain-resistant polycarbonate with easy-to-grip backside for convenient one-handed use and drop protection in busy work environments.
  3. Recesses built-in allow you to charge the iPad and the Square Reader simultaneously, without sacrificing functionality.
  4. Convenient mobile POS device and protective L7 iPad Mini Case with Credit Card Reader compatibility empowers business owners and employees to complete faster transactions safely.
  5. Combine Square’s NFC, chip reader, and magstripe attachment with your iPad Mini for an all-in-one package to accept multiple credit card payments including Apple Pay and Android Pay.