WITHOUT having to buy or store more inventory.

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So, what exactly IS Local Zone Retail
and Local Zone Concierge? And how
are they going to make me money?

Local Zone Retail and Local Zone Concierge are iPad based, in-store sales solutions for small retailers, put there in partnership with member manufacturers who want to sell more products.

It helps stores sell a wider range of products than they can fit on their store shelves.

iPad based

They’re the secret weapon small retailers like you need to fight back against big-box retailers and online stores.



Where do you fit in?

As a Local Zone Retail or ConciergePartner, you can make serious money by selling more products than you could before. And you can make your customers happier by offering them a wider selection, like the big players offer.

All at no extra cost to you with no setup fees, no monthly fees, no sales fees, and no long-term obligations.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


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Local Zone Retail and Local Zone Concierge are the retail sales solutions that are going to SAVE small brick-and-mortar retailers …


and SKYROCKET your income!

Small brick and mortar retailers are having a hard time

Big box stores and online stores can offer a wider variety of products, usually at lower prices. Small retailers simply don’t have the shelf space or buying power to compete.

Retailers and distributors WANT to be able to offer more products to all their customers, like the big stores do.

But there simply isn’t the floor space or logistics capacity.

Until now.

Local Zone Retail and Concierge are here to make life better for small retailers like you

It’s an iPad-powered retail sales tool that will help you generate new sales, grow your profits, please your current customers and attract new customers!

It’s available in two formats:

1. iPad Enabled Sales Displays via Local Zone Retail

Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors set up kiosks on existing product displays in your store, featuring a selection of physical products. An iPad lets customers shop from an even wider variety of products than what’s physically available. Shoppers pick what they want and pay for it at your store or on the device. Then they can pick it up later in-store, or have it delivered right to their door.

2. Local Zone

allows you or your salespeople to guide customers through a more personalized, iPad-enhanced shopping experience. Say there are three models of a product, like a dog toy, on your shelf, but fifteen models of the toy available. You or your salesperson can use the iPad to show the customer all the models available. So, if the exact model they want isn’t on the shelf … you’ll still make the sale–because you have it available on Local Zone Concierge. Imagine what this can do for your business!

Local Zone Retail and Concierge
are FREE for retailers to use

So there’s no financial risk in giving it a try! Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors pay for the opportunity to offer a wider variety of products to more customers in your store.

Local Zone makes small retail stores competitive

Local Zone Retail and Concierge allow shoppers to get the variety and selection that big box stores and online stores offer – while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere and warm customer service of their favorite neighborhood store.

Generate a new stream of continuous income in the same amount of space you have now!

Local Zone Retail and Concierge represent a new, exciting way for your customers to shop!

And as a Local Zone Retail or Concierge partner, you’ll be among the first retailers to make it available to your customers.

Local Zone Retail and Concierge will help you grow your business – without having to grow your footprint. With hundreds, if not thousands of additional products available on your iPad kiosk, you can massively increase your sales opportunities, without having to increase your store’s square footage. Or having to buy more products. Or invest in complicated logistics technology.

Local Zone Retail and Concierge help you sell more – with less work.

Since you’re selling items digitally that you don’t have in the store, your job becomes much easier.

1. You won’t need to buy and store more stock–or add more physical shelves

2. You won’t need to unpack more boxes, apply price tags and stock shelves

3. You won’t need to check and reorder stock … because you’ll never run low on it!

Local Zone Retail and Concierge help you sell more – with less time and less manpower

Since customers are “self-shopping” on an iPad kiosk, they can find info and answers on their own, which frees you and your staff to take care of other customers. It’s very similar to the way customers order their food on tablets at fast-food restaurants. It makes everything more efficient!

Local Zone Retail and Concierge will help you “branch out.”

Have you been wanting to expand your offerings, explore new selling opportunities, or add new products? Our solution makes it a lot easier — and a lot less risky — to try new things out. And if you were having a hard time choosing between brands or products because of shelf space … you won’t have to pick and choose any longer.You can offer it ALL, just like Amazon and the big box stores do.

Local Zone Retail and Concierge will help you “go mobile.”

Do you want to sell items at special events like festivals, street fairs, conventions or trade shows? Our iPad-based solution makes it possible to offer much greater product selection … so you can sell more out-of-store.

Local Zone Retail and Concierge lets younger, digital-savvy customers shop the way they want to.

Today’s online generation is used to getting whatever they want – whenever they want – with the push of a button on a screen. Local Zone Retail and Concierge let them do that in your store. And when they can shop for more products, they’ll buy more products!

You can give your customers a more fun, more satisfying shopping experience.

With Local Zone Retail and Concierge, shoppers’ options aren’t limited merely to what’s on your shelves. They can pick through other products and a wider variety of models, sizes, colors, configurations … whatever! It’s a great way to keep customers loyal, and keep them coming back.

Generate extra visits … and extra sales.

When customers stop in to pick up items they’ve bought via Local Zone Retail or Concierge they’ll most likely browse your store a little … and buy more!

Have more control over the sales and numbers.

Although shoppers may select items on the iPad kiosk, they can pay for the items through your point of sale, or right on the iPad. This lets you keep track of what’s selling, what’s not, and exactly how much you’re earning via Local Zone Retail or Concierge.

Get a free store website

When you partner with Local Zone, we’ll give you your own e-commerce website, so you can generate even more sales online. (Available later in 2021-2022.)

In a fast-changing retail industry, you either “evolve” or “die”

Let’s face it. Forces in retail have been conspiring to put small retail stores out of business for a long time.

Change is inevitable, and big-box retailers and online tech companies have changed the landscape for good. They don’t care if their business practices completely eradicate small retail stores and local businesses like yours. They don’t care if they destroy your livelihood. All they care about is growth–at any cost.

But you no longer have to just sit and take it


You can either die out like the dinosaurs…

Or evolve into something better, stronger and more competitive!

We think it’s time to take your store OUT  of “survival mode” … and put it BACK in “success mode.”


Local Zone Retail and Concierge are brand new, completely unique tools that will enable you to compete in this new landscape … offering the selection that consumers now demand, along with the personal service and neighborhood feel that only you and your sales team provide.

Don’t be a victim of change any longer

Embrace it and use it to your advantage … with Local Zone.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get more control over your store’s success … and your income!

Small businesses are adding Local Zone Retail and Concierge and are already making more money. Don’t wait to add it to your store!


To see if you qualify, and to start significantly increasing your income ASAP as a Local Zone Partner!