MORE MONEY by selling pet supplies
DIRECTLY to your clients!

Help your customers & their pets…
and your bottom line.

Become a LOCAL ZONE SOLUTIONS Pet-Supply Seller

So, what exactly IS Local Zone Solutions?
And how is it going to make me money?

iPad based

Local Zone Solutions is a smartphone and tablet-based sales solution for dog trainers and other pet professionals. It’s operated in partnership with member pet-supply manufacturers who want to sell more products.

Local Zone Solutions helps trainers sell pet products they’d recommend to their clients – right at the time they’re being discussed.

After all, why send your clients to spend their money at a store, when you could be earning a commission on those products yourselves—and ensuring they buy the exact items you recommend?

You’re the expert, after all. Clients trust your recommendations. Turn that trust into much-deserved additional revenue.

As a Local Zone Solutions Trainer Partner, you can make serious money by selling pet products from your own personalized online store. And you can make your clients happier by giving them extra convenience.

You can do it all at no extra cost to you: no setup fees, no monthly fees, no sales fees, and no long-term obligations.

Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity!

We can only offer this Partnership opportunity to a limited number of potential Local Zone Solutions Trainer Partners in each region.


To see if you qualify, and to start significantly increasing your income!

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Local Zone Solutions is app-based the pet-supply sales solution that’s going to
SKYROCKET your income!

Pet owners are pressed for time.
And you need every opportunity you can find to generate more income.
Local Zone Solutions is here to help you BOTH!

How often are you in this scenario?

You’re training a pet. During the session, you recommend a product to your client. Maybe it’s a leash. Maybe it’s a toy or some other accessory.

After you make the recommendation, the client either:
a. Goes to a big-box pet supply store to buy the items you recommended, OR
b. Orders the products from an online retailer like Amazon or

What are the problems with this scenario?

1. Your customer must make an extra trip to a store – or spend additional time online – to make the purchase.
2. YOU’RE not making any money off the sale of those products!

Local Zone Solutions is here to make life better for trainers and their clients.

It’s a smartphone and tablet-powered retail sales tool that helps trainers generate new revenue, grow their profits, please their current clients and attract new ones!

Sell right from your smartphone or tablet. Anytime, anywhere.

After you recommend a product, your clients can look at it and buy it from your phone or tablet. Then it gets delivered right to their door.


You don’t have to keep it in stock. You don’t have to ship it. You just make money off the sale. It’s that simple.


Local Zone Solutions is FREE for trainers to use

So there’s no financial risk in giving it a try! Manufacturers pay for the opportunity to offer a wider variety of products to your clients.

Local Zone makes you competitive with other sellers of pet products.

Local Zone Solutions allows your clients to get access to products that are as good—and often better—than the ones online stores offer. And they can shop while they’re talking to you in your comfortable training environment—right there with their pet!


How does Local Zone Solutions make money?

Local Zone Solutions gets to sell its high-quality pet supplies made by respected brands to a new audience of customers—YOUR clients. In exchange for this access, and for your representation, they’re happy to pay you a commission on every sale…up to 40% for some items!

Generate a new stream of continuous income using your EXISTING relationships with clients!

Local Zone Solutions represents “new playing field” in the dog-training industry.

And as a Local Zone Solutions Trainer partner, you’ll be among the first in your area to make it available to your clients.

Local Zone Solutions will help you grow your revenue – and your reputation. With dozens, if not hundreds of additional products available in your online store, you can provide your clients with the accessories they need to train and practice with their pets. Pretty soon, you’ll be known in your community as the trainer that makes training even easier and more convenient for your customers!

Local Zone Solutions helps you earn more – with less work.

Since you’re selling items digitally that you don’t need to keep physical inventory for, your job is effortless.

1. You won’t need to buy and store stock

2. You won’t need to unpack boxes, apply price tags, or stock shelves.

3. You won’t ever need to check and reorder stock … or carry it around in your vehicle to training locations.

Local Zone Retail and Concierge help you sell more – with less time and less manpower {DELETE?}

Since customers are “self-shopping” on an iPad kiosk, they can find info and answers on their own, which frees you and your staff to take care of other customers. It’s very similar to the way customers order their food on tablets at fast-food restaurants. It makes everything more efficient! {DELETE ?}

Local Zone Solutions will help you “branch out”.

Have you been wanting to expand your offerings, explore new earning opportunities, or find new ways to serve your clients? Our solution makes it easier—and a lot less risky.

Local Zone Solutions will help you “go mobile”.

Do you want to sell items at special events like festivals, street fairs, conventions, or trade shows where you’re promoting your dog training business? Our solution makes it possible. Now you can make money wherever you go, with whoever you’re talking to.

Local Zone Solutions lets younger, digital-savvy clients shop the way they want to.

Today’s online generation is used to getting whatever they want – whenever they want – with the push of a button on a screen. Local Zone Solutions lets them do that right in your training environment.

You’ll give clients access to respected, professional-grade products they might not find in big-box stores or on other online retailer sites.

We sell products from hundreds of respected brands, including:

Generate extra visits … and extra sales. {DELETE BLOCK}

When customers stop in to pick up items they’ve bought via Local Zone Retail or Concierge they’ll most likely browse your store a little … and buy more!

Have more control over the sales and numbers. {DELETE BLOCK}

Although shoppers may select items on the iPad kiosk, they can pay for the items through your point of sale, or right on the iPad. This lets you keep track of what’s selling, what’s not, and exactly how much you’re earning via Local Zone Retail or Concierge.

You get a free store website

When you partner with Local Zone Solutions, we’ll give you your own e-commerce website, so can name it after your business and stock it with the exact selection of products you want.

In a changing pet-training industry, you either “evolve” or “die”

Let’s face it. The pet training business is getting more competitive. There’s a lot of “noise” as trainers try to find new ways to stand out.

But you no longer have to just sit and take it.


Now you can provide a level of service and convenience that other trainers in your area can’t.

We think it’s time to take your training business OUT of “survival mode” … and put it SOLIDLY in “success mode.”


Local Zone Solutions is a brand new, completely unique tool that will enable you to stand above your competitors in in a whole new way … offering the product selection and shopping that consumers now demand, along with the expertise and personal service that will make clients happy to recommend you to their friends.

Don’t be a “victim” of a changing, growing industry any longer.

Embrace change and use it to your advantage … with Local Zone Solutions.

See what some of our Digital Partners have to say.

Since starting with the LocalZone Solutions app, my business has seen a noticeable boost. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and I don’t have to worry about inventory. The extra income from commissions has been great, and my clients are thrilled with the easy access to recommended products.
Eric Chertkov,

I recently started using the LocalZone Solutions app, and it has been a game-changer for my dog training business. As a professional dog trainer, I am always looking for ways to provide more value to my clients and increase my income. This app has exceeded my expectations on both fronts.
Firstly, the app is incredibly user-friendly. All I needed was my phone and a bit of time to get everything set up. The interface is intuitive, making it easy to navigate and manage my sales.
The best part is that I don’t have to worry about stock. The app connects me with suppliers who handle the inventory and shipping. This allows me to focus on what I do best—training dogs and helping my clients.
The commission structure is generous, and I’ve already seen a significant boost in my earnings. My clients love the convenience of being able to purchase recommended products directly through me, and I’ve noticed an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
The support from LocalZone Solutions has also been fantastic. Whenever I had questions, their team was quick to respond and very helpful.
In addition to all these benefits, the app also offers valuable resources and tips to help maximize sales. The video tutorials and detailed guides made it easy to get started and make the most of the platform.
Overall, I highly recommend the LocalZone Solutions app to any dog trainer looking to enhance their business and increase their income. It’s a win-win for both trainers and clients!
Doron Zor,

Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity to enhance your training business … and your income!

Hundreds of trainers have joined Local Zone Solutions this year and are already making more money. But we can only offer this opportunity to a limited number of professionals in each region.


To see if you qualify, and to start significantly increasing your income ASAP as a Local Zone Solutions Trainer Partner!