with an exciting new sales technology.

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So, what exactly IS Local Zone Solutions? And how is it going to make me money?

Local Zone Solutions is an iPad based, in-store sales solution for small retailers, put there in partnership with member manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors who want to sell more products.

It helps stores sell a wider range of products than they can fit on their store shelves.

iPad based

It’s the secret weapon small retailers need to fight back against
big-box retailers and online stores.


Where do you fit in?

As a Local Zone Solutions Wholesale/Distribution Partner, you can sell more products and make serious money by offering your products for sale on the platform.

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Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity!

We can only offer this Wholesale/Distribution Partnership opportunity to a limited number of potential companies.


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Local Zone Solutions is the retail sales solution that’s going to SAVE small brick-and-mortar retailers … and the wholesalers and distributors who supply them

Small brick and mortar retailers are having a hard time

Big box stores and online stores can offer a wider variety of products, usually at lower prices. Small retailers simply don’t have the shelf space or buying power to compete.

These issues make life hard for wholesalers and distributors, too

Distributors can only sell a fraction of the products they carry to these smaller stores, missing out on untold sales opportunities.

Local Zone Solutions is here to make life better for distributors and small retailers

They’re iPad-powered retail sales tools that will help you:

Sell more kinds of products via your small retailers … perhaps ALL of your products

Sell more varieties of your products, i.e. colors, sizes, etc.

Launch new products faster and more conveniently

Update product information and pricing – INSTANTLY

Easily spotlight/feature selected products in stores

SRun promotions and sales

Automatically add new products to your retailers’ store offerings

And more

It’s available in two formats:

1. iPad Enabled Sales Displays

Wholesalers/distributors set up kiosks in retailers’ stores featuring a selection of physical products. An iPad lets customers shop from an even wider variety of products than what’s physically available. Shoppers pick what they want and pay for it at the store. Then they can pick it up later in-store, or have it delivered right to their door.

2. Local Zone Solutions Concierge

allows a store salesperson to guide customers through a more personalized, iPad-enhanced shopping experience.

Local Zone Solutions is FREE for retailers to use

This makes it easy for you to convince them to adopt it. Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers pay modest monthly fees for the opportunity to offer a wider variety of products to more retail customers.

Local Zone makes wholesalers, distributors and their small retail customers more competitive

Local Zone Solutions allows shoppers to access the variety and selection that big box stores and online stores offer – while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere and warm customer service of their favorite neighborhood store.

This gives you an edge over your competitors by enabling you to sell more products through smaller retailers your larger competitors may not be paying attention to. It can be the secret weapon that helps you outperform wholesalers and distributors ten, even twenty times bigger than you!

How does Local Zone Solutions make money?

Local Zone Solutions earns a small commission on the retail profits on every sale made through its platform. It also charges manufacturers and wholesaler/distributors a modest fee. What are the benefits of this system?


Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers don’t have to change their wholesale prices to stay profitable while selling through the Local Zone Solutions. And retailers will be making more money … period … even after they’ve paid the sales commission!

Generate more sales income using your
EXISTING relationships with retailers!

Local Zone Solutions represents “new playing field” in the retail industry

And as a Local Zone Solutions Partner Wholesaler or Distributor, you’ll be among the first companies to make it available to customers.

You’ll be able to offer your retail customers something no other wholesaler or distributor can: a tool they can use to take on the big guys … and make a LOT more money! This is sure to strengthen your relationships with retailers, because you’re offering them a resource other wholesalers and distributors aren’t.

And you’ll be selling more products via a new channel: small retailers with expanded, iPad-enabled selling capability.

Local Zone Solutions makes selling products easier!

The eye-catching, iPad-powered kiosks:

1. Give customers a fun, new way to interact with your products

2. Enable you to better educate customers about your products

3. Give you a place to test new products before you scale them up

4. Put a unique spotlight on your brand, improving awareness

5. Help you grab a bigger market share in your product category

Move more products
Whether you want to showcase an exciting new brand, OR unload products that you’re about to discontinue, Local Zone Solutions gives you the ability to promote them on the iPad kiosk.

Reduce storage costs
The more products you can move faster via Local Zone Solutions’ new sales channel, the less you’ll have to pay to store them!

Get access to additional online sales opportunities
When a store adopts a Local Zone Solutions presence, we give them their own e-commerce website, so you can sell even more via their online store.

Get clearer sales data
Using the information you get about product performance, customer preferences, retail shopping patterns and more, you can create more effective growth strategies.

Local Zone Solutions is dedicated to YOUR success.

Because when wholesalers and distributors succeed, we succeed. Local Zone Solutions was developed in a collaboration between manufacturing and distribution industry veterans and world-class software developers.

The company provides all the structure, support and resources you need to succeed, including training materials & videos, sales materials for different kinds of potential customers. Plus, company staffers are on hand to help and offer advice as you build your network of customers and users.

Local Zone Solutions will protect your “turf.”

We’re the first to offer retailers and manufacturers this innovative new iPad-enabled sales channel. Inevitably, imitators may come along and try to push you out of your stores.


The agreement retailers sign in exchange for free use of our service prevents that. It stipulates that they don’t receive a similar service from a competitor. If the retailer starts using another service alongside ours, they will be charged a retroactive monthly fee, or fine, for EVERY month they had been using Local Zone Solutions for free.

In a fast-changing retail industry, you either “evolve” or “die”

Let’s face it. Forces in retail have been conspiring to put wholesalers and distributors like you out of business for a long time.

Change is inevitable, and big-box retailers and online tech companies have changed the landscape for good.

But you and your small retailers no longer have to just sit and take it


You can either die out like the dinosaurs…

Or evolve into something better, stronger and more competitive!

Local Zone Solutions is a brand new, completely unique tool that will enable your small retailers to compete in this new landscape … offering the selection that consumers now demand, along with the personal service and neighborhood feel that only their stores provide.


Don’t be a victim of change any longer

And don’t let other companies beat you to the opportunity to sell in this completely new sales channel.


Embrace change and use it to your advantage … with Local Zone Solutions.


Use the changes happening in this industry and the opportunity our solution provides to energize your career … and SUPERCHARGE your income!

Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity to get more control over your company’s success … and your income!


Hundreds of wholesalers and distributors have joined Local Zone Solutions this year and are already making more money. But we can only offer this opportunity to a limited number of companies in each region.


To see if you qualify, and to start significantly increasing your income ASAP as a Local Zone Solutions Wholesale/Distribution Partner!